About the Artist

I am a tattoo artist in Saskatoon that has been tattooing since 1995 , and has a 4 year commercial art degree from Alberta College of Art and Design.

Our shop participated in theVancouver Art Gallery’s “Pierced Hearts and True Love”

Thanks for checking out my site!

cell 306-241-8145 text only
email moreah1@gmail.com

48 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Hello, Love your art work! I would like to come in for a consultation on saturday the 22nd. I was also wondering how much your consultations cost, if anything. If you could email me back thats would be awesome. -Kyleigh

  2. Thank you very much for the Tattoo you did for me in memory of my daughter Stephanie. It turned out beautiful. i will be getting in touch with you to ahve another done. Once again thank you very much.

  3. i was just wondering what the min. wouldbe for a small tattoo,or a tattoo that takes under an hour .

  4. Hello I have heard great things about your tattoos and was looking at your pictures they look awesome. My mother and I are wanting to get a tattoo in remembrance of our family dog we had to put down saying “loved never forgotten” with two paw prints on the side. The thing is I don’t live in Saskatoon but she does, I will be in town next weekend and were hoping you could fit us in. Email me back please.

  5. Hi, I was just curious about what the minimum age you’d tattoo someone is? I know for sure it’s manditory that someone has to be 18+ to be tattooed, but is there any exception if say a 16 year old came in with a parent, and the parent has proper ID and gives consent/signs a wavier?

    • Hi.
      You must have a parent sign your waiver if you’re under 18. Different artists have different rules. I generally won’t tattoo anyone under 18 unless I know them already and/or there is a meaningful reason for getting it done (scar coverage, memorial) if I do agree to tattoo a minor, they can’t be younger than 16 for sure and I will refuse certain things. Thank you for your question.

  6. I was just wondering if you do temporary tattoos before doing the real thing so I can see how I like it on me before doing somthing permanant.

  7. Hey, I’m looking at getting my first tattoos next month and they’re all just simple short small cursive writing ones that will take under an hour, how much is your hourly rate?

  8. Hi my name is Cheryl and Im currently looking for a trained and especially qualified tatoo artist to cover up a dark red(blood colored) name that is about 7 inches wide and 5 inches in length…..in some kind of dark colors over top of it….id much rather have a chest piece then to have it removed….my question is it able to bed covered with darker colors like dark brown and black if its a blood red colour?

  9. Moreah is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I got a small wrist tattoo and I love it!!!!!! RAD RAD RAD~!!!!!

  10. very professional as well as polite and just darn right good at what she does. all her works of art are beautiful and tasteful as i have had the privilege to wear moreah’s work. she is an amazing artist that provides friendly, safe and a extremely clean environment. i would and definitely have suggested that people visit her to get they’re art work done. after all its permanent and you might as well go to the right person to get it done. with very fair and reasonable pricing as well you just cant lose. five stars for sure

  11. Hey, I’m Katie and was wondering if a tattoo could cover up a long very hard and bumpy scar. My friend recommended you and I’m just toying with the idea

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  13. Hello my wife and I are planning on a couples tatoo , do you allow others in the room at time of tatoos ? As well can you do a joint consultation ?

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