Aftercare instructions

– Do not touch your tattoo with unwashed hands, let anyone else touch it, or lean it against anything ( couches, tables, counters ) that may be dirty. This is especially important within the first 48 hours.

– No hot tubs or sun until completely healed. Sun will always fade pigment, use sunscreen to prevent this.

-I highly recommend coconut oil (new jar) or A&D ointment. Use very sparingly after first or second day.

– Please do not scratch at your tattoo or do anthting else that might pull off the healing skin, you will lose color

– If you have questions, please contact me for advice, a lot of people are misinformed about aftercare by well meaning friends.

– You may have one free touch up within one year, if needed( except Hands and feet)

– Remove bandage when you get home, dry off with clean paper towel, be careful not to let tattoo stick to you sheets over night, try to let it dry as much as possible before bed,

-It takes about 2weeks for a tattoo to heal completely. Some redness, swelling and soreness are normal and can take quite awhile to completely go away. It is also normal for clear fluid and ink to come out soon after tattoo is done. Keeping it dry and to the air helps stop this, putting lubricant on worsens it. This is why you should wait until it feels dry to put anything on. If you have an increase of redness, swelling, discharge, or pain seek medical advice immediately. Infections can be very serious even on a tiny scrape. your tattoo is a big scrape. Signs of infection can also be caused by an allergy, this is very rare and almost always caused by red ink.