1814a Lorne Ave


phone – (306) 241-8145
text anytime

email –

14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Moreah

    I just got a tattoo done in Vegas at the end of February but i need it to be touched up and to have ur opinion on what to do….how long should i wait until i come to you to get this done?

  2. Gone are the days when people use to get themselves inked to follow to be a part of the mainstream fashion; now people wear tattoos that reflect their passion and inner attitudes. TV shows such as Miami Ink have changed the way people used to look at tattoos. With the top celebrities flashing their ink in public, tattoos have become a rage across people of all ages. No wonder then why the demand for tattoo designs and tattoo pictures has skyrocketed in the past few years. Especially, tattoos designs such as Tribal tattoos, cross tattoos and Star tattoos are becoming more and more sought-after across the tattoo design industry.*

    Go look at our web page too

  3. Hey! I was just wondering what you charge for tattoos? All I’d want would be the number 17 on the inside on my ankle.

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