Kim’s Memorial Tattoo

Kim’s dad had joined the army to fight in the second world war. He was a volunteer, and was posted in England.
His duty was to enforce curfew.

He met Jean, who was from England, when he arrested her for being out too late. Instead of taking her to jail, he asked her out. It was 1942 and the rest is history.

Kim and I have had a few sittings spread out over the last few years, this was one of my first portraits, we intend on adding poppies at some point.


Poetic Skeleton Key

This tattoo contains a quote from Shakespeare that was found in a Winchester mansion in California:

“wide unclasp the tables of their thoughts”

Apparently the owner of the mansion was convinced she was being haunted by ghosts and built many stairways to nowhere. In addition, my client has always liked skeleton keys that fit well with the quote.

saskatoon tattoo